Headline Tip #6: Curiosity Is Catnip to Readers

by Wes Hanson on April 16, 2012

Curiosity may be deadly for felines, but it’s lifeblood for headlines.

An intriguing headline can pull readers in like a ball of string. There are endless ways to accomplish this. Your headline might ask a provocative question or make a counterintuitive or even outrageous statement.

You’ve got to get readers interested in reading more. Beyond your promise, try playing with the language or using unusual phrasing to get readers wondering what’s up.

Craft your headlines to create an incomplete thought in their minds. Start with Why or How. You want readers to crave the satisfaction your headline hints at or promises. This will entice them to go from the headline to the content to find the answer. Satisfy the reader and your content has a decent chance of being recommend to others (shared link via social media or elsewhere).


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