Headline Tip #10: The Internet Underlines the Headline’s Importance

by Wes Hanson on April 20, 2012

Now that the internet and social media have made everyone a potential publisher it’s both remarkably easier and incredibly harder to find an audience. How does anyone find you in an info thicket that grows denser by the minute?

Internet search engines have tweaked the rules by making it advisable to pack your header with frequently searched terms (key words). Google’s all-important algorithm favors titles and subtitles.

The rumor is (shh… it’s a secret!) Google penalizes body copy that comprises more than 5.5% key words. The little devils can make up a higher proportion of your header, however. So don’t sacrifice a good reading experience for key words – it’s counter productive in more than one way (Google and readers hate that). Instead, focus your keyword gamesmanship in your header. Research at least one key word that you think your likely readers would care most about when doing a search, and keep that word (or term) in mind as you write your copy. Write your copy after you write your keyed-up headline to act as your writing guide. That way, your copy will still be “authentic” and not just SEO drivel that search engines will sneer at and no human will want to read anyway.

That is, don’t overuse keywords in your body copy; use them (or it) in your header and then let that “inspire” your body copy. That’s how you do it, new school.


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